It is with great disappointment that we must announce that Mike Mesford has decided to end his tenure with The Art Thieves. He has been a driving force behind the Art Thieves' sound and group personality. With many summer travel plans, a house-building project in Vancouver, B.C., and a plate full of life-planning and contemplation, The Art Thieves were one demanding aspect of Mike's schedule that affected the rest.

We're not sure how we'll get along without him (though, we're sure gonna try), but we wish him the very best.

Look for Mike to make occasional featured artist appearances during some of the Art Thieves' shows. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

As many of you know, Bruce DeGrado left us in December to pursue his ambitions in a roots rock band. We were very sorry to see him go. His departure left a big hole in our lineup (what's a rock band without a drummer?). Tom decided to return to his passion as a drummer (you know, the guy that's always hanging out with musicians?) and so he sold his bass rig, and got a beautiful new set of drums. That left us without a bass player. We decided to temporarily return to our original lineup with Kurt playing bass on most tunes, except for those that really needed keyboards. So we were on the hunt for that next great bassist.

After a couple of months of asking around and trying out one or two folks here and there (who, for the most part, were really very good but unable to commit to a working rock band) we finally landed us a really good one!

We are very pleased to announce that John Gahagan of Mukilteo, our new bass player, is now carrying our melodic foundation, giving us much greater freedom in choosing songs for our repertoire. John returned from the music scene in Dallas, Texas to rejoin the Northwest music scene. We're glad he settled on The Art Thieves. See John's bio on our About the Band page.

Welcome, John!

The Joint Was ROCKIN'!

The Art Thieves played to a packed house Friday night (Sept. 22) at Wayne's World. The dancers couldn't contain themselves -- and after all, THAT'S what it's all about, isn't it? Dave treated everyone to a new rendition of "Gimme Some Lovin'", Mike delivered a sublime solo in "Rikki, Don't Lose That Number", aided by the superb stylings of Tom on vocals and Kurt on the keyboards. And thanks to Bruce, the ladies never feel left out! Our good friend, Lyle Leiser of Voodoo Blue came up and served some smokin' guitar on a couple of rockin' numbers. Also with him was Berd Hand who helped us with some great vocals on "Already Gone", and "She Loves My Automobile". Berd has come up to sing a number with us once or twice before and as always we enjoy her great vocals. Thanks, Lyle and Berd!

The Art Thieves were once again at Wayne's World on August 25th in front of a great crowd. Once again, we had our friend Sheer recording us for the purpose of putting out a CD (hopefully, sometime soon). We are on break for a few weeks, but will be performing back-to-back Fridays at Wayne's World in September (the 22nd and the 29th). Make your plans to be there and join all the fun and don't forget to bring your dancing shoes!

August 11, 2006 -- The Thieves played their favorite watering hole, Wayne's World Tavern, before a raucus crowd. Three killer sets and they wanted more. All we can say is "what happens at Wayne's World, stays at Wayne's World."

Thanks, Liz! We'll be back there on the 25th of August, so come on down and join the fun!

August 5, 2006 -- The guys played a beach party on Saturday. It was a great time with great food and great people who danced up a storm. There was an inch of grit on everything when we were through. And it was worth every particle.

We'd like to thank Julie Hicks for making it all possible.

May 15, 2006 -- As if this isn't news... After nearly a year, Tom Lehner rejoined the band as Bassist, Vocalist and sometime keyboardist, rounding out our sound with some nice professional touches. Tom has been in many bands in the past including a Pink Floyd tribute band of which he was a founding member. You can hear Tom's influences during some of the breaks in our live performances where he takes a stint on the keyboard, playing strains of "Us and Them" and other selections from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

We're pleased to have Tom back playing with us, especially with his helping to update our sound and expanding our repetoire.

The band had the honor of helping the great folks at Evergreen West celebrate the opening of their new yard in Mukilteo. The band had a great time, playing on stacks of plywood, while the crowd ate great food and totally ignored the rain. When we get around to building our own multi-million dollar studio we'll be buying all the lumber from Evergreen West!

The Art Thieves have now found a practice space in the south Capitol Hill area in a venue known as the Chophouse. They're in a shared band room next door to a practice space sometimes occupied by The Presidents of the United States, a nationally known band hailing from Seattle. Apart from a few gigs at Wayne's World and elsewhere, the guys are hard at work developing their chops and honing their skills.

The Art Thieves were well rested over the holidays and practiced the fine art of gathering, feasting, and giving! After a few weeks of vacation, Dave, Mike, Bruce and Kurt are ready to bring in the new year with some sweet tunes, old and new. It was a nice vacation, but we're ready to get back to work!


Sixty Cycle Hum has officially become The Art Thieves, but you already knew that, didn't you?

Breaking News!      It came to our attention at a late date that there is already an indy band named 60 Cycle Hum in Seattle. While they may not currently be around and playing, we have decided not to compete with their brand recognition. We will be changing our name -- stay tuned!

September 18 - The guys played at Wayne's World Tavern in Burien along with guest artists, Shannon, AlleyKat and Suzie Chrysler for a night of serious blues and Rock and Roll. Events beyond control conspired to make Mike a no-show, but he triumphed like the superman he is. The band played complete. It was a lot of fun.

August 20 - 60 Cycle Hum after numerous one-day-a-week practices finally played together in public (sort of). Though they only played songs they knew, you know, (because they'd never played together before), they pulled it off without a hitch.

The party celebration of Bill and Maureen Wickert on August 20 was a fun time during beautiful weather. The strains of 60 Cycle Hum completed the ambience!

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